The time … I wondered if I should offer my unsolicited suggestions.

Ellie the Crunch

I am surrounded by non crunchy people.

I try to give my kids healthy food, as much as I can considering my toddler is Cookie monster little brother.

He loves sweets. I do buy some cookies but they are usually either gluten free (made with almond) or made with hidden vegetables and mushrooms (MadeGood brand).

I am trying to break his sugar addiction, for some reason he was born with it.

My kids are not allowed candy, the only one they are allowed are the organic lollipops with vit C.

I also give them elderberry gummies which it can be considered candy, can’t it?

Anyway then I see all these mothers buying and feeding all these packaged junk to their kids. They buy all this snacks full of preservatives and food colors (I avoid especially red 40 like the plague).

My older one is a health nut like me…

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