The time … being autistic wasn’t so taboo after all

Ellie the Crunch

Maybe it is, nobody wants to hear that their child is autistic. Let’s be honest it does sound scary. After all these days being autistic simply means being not neuro typical. Ok this doesn’t sound so good either. My friend explained it to me better but I can’t recall.

Basically their brain is wired differently. Does it sound any better? Not really.

So this friend of mine has a 3 years old autistic son. She realized he was autistic when he was maybe 6 months. He would stare at the ceiling fan and smile at it but would not do eye contact with his mom or anybody else. She knew there was something off. She used to tell me her concerns and I used to say that she was just imagining things.

She was spot on. By 9 months her son was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Probably one…

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