The time … it was just another dreaded Sunday.

Ellie the Crunch

As most Sundays today it started good. Husband was in a good mood, went to pray cane back still in a good mood.

It was a cold rainy day so he suggested we all go to Costco.

In the car toddler cried non stop because he wanted to go back home. That alone is stressful but I can manage it somehow, it does stress me but for me the most stressful part about him screaming like a maniac is the effect it can have on husband.

In Costco he was already half there. A bit nasty, not all the way.

As usual I can’t recall when the actual metamorphosis happened, Mr. Hyde sneaks in like a spider.

This is what I recall.

Toddler feel asleep in the car on the way back.

Husband unpacked and sat in the car with toddler till he woke up (not sure why he didn’t…

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