The time … I wished I was a only child.

Ellie the Crunch

You may have read about my brother.

Undiagnosed something, we are not sure, schizophrenic or asd or else.

Since my mother passed he has been sending me insulting emails.

Thank goodness he lives overseas.

Out of pity my husband had offered him a job at his company back when my mom was still alive. He had to think about it. He has no job, no friends, no girlfriend, no wife, no family and doesn’t talk / hates our father.

When he was a child he used to get always in trouble in school. My mom had him when she was maybe 21. She was very young and didn’t speak the language as they had moved from a different country. Also at those times problematic children were seen just as that: problematic children. They didn’t know much about ASD and if they knew it was mostly referred to kids who were…

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