The time … my son got the IEP

Ellie the Crunch


Took me numerous months but we finally got to the IEP meeting.

Was I nervous? Probably, I woke up at 6 am and the meeting was at 9.

I was ready to fight.

I had 3 people on my side, were supposed to be 4 but one bailed out and didn’t show up.

My husband, my advocate and I. I was supposed to have the 2 special ed teachers that I had hired out of pocket to help my son with strategies during writing, but only 1 showed up.

The meeting went pretty smoothly. It was on Zoom. Actually Google meet.

The goal was to convince the district representative that my son needed services.

My son, 8, has social emotional difficulties together with writing struggles. The writing is connected to his anxiety which is connected to his emotional state.

Anyway. After ruling out Emotional Disturbance as classification (which didn’t…

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