The time … I took the kids to buy flowers to plant

Ellie the Crunch

So today (Sunday, the dreaded Sunday!) Started pretty well. He (husband) was in a good mood. Weather was rainy and there wasn’t much to do.

We dropped off older son at Sunday school and went with toddler to Costco and Trader’s Joe’s.

Everything went well. Besides the fact that we were almost left with no gas because he is so irresponsible and never fills up gas on time. I volunteered to go but he said he was going to do it so I didn’t bother (that was last week).

Anyway, we rushed through Costco and Traders Joe’s because we only had 2 hours before we had to pick up older.

Husband saw flowers and greenery and remembered I wanted to buy some but I wanted older to be there too because this was for him so I told husband and as a joke I asked him if he would pinky…

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