Eyes of your Mind

Hey Momma

Current Mood

Uh oh

Feeling pretty, pretty, this Pink Super-Moon,

… might make you all dance naked, IDK

May the odds be in your favour

EYES OF YOUR MIND From secrets, buried in the ocean, to Pink Super-Moon of the skies; make time to dream. … deeply breathe. Rest your tired mind and weary eyes. Ground your ‘self', in squeeze of embrace. Discard your mask. Uncover your face. Weave through portals of ethereal rhyme, seek the wisdom of your eyes, in your mind. Drifting atwix the Earth and Sea; there is a place, beyond what was lost. Search for the legends and myths, to find what it is, that you may have forgot. Health and restoration, be your ultimate goal; To heal your inner wounds. To recover spirit and soul. Let your heart, enjoy inner peace, this is how, your dreams succeed. Drift, meander and float; jot down ‘Forget you…

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