Incredible Ways Exercise Improves Mental Resilience

Optimal Health

Physical exercise is the epitome of good health. However, work, family, and time management challenges make us lose touch with this health component. The result is a weakened mental or psychological resilience, a factor that takes a toll on individual performance. Generally, poor mental resilience compromises our mental health and renders us incapable of coping with difficult situations whenever they present in our lives.

A person exercising

However, engaging in regular exercise improves our general well-being and quality of life. It is also known to help manage physical ailments and boost mental health. For instance, physical exercise can boost mood and, in the process, alleviate depressive symptoms. More importantly, regular exercise can increase mental resilience, reducing the risk of physical and mental illness.

How Does Physical Exercise Build Mental Resilience?

Mental resilience refers to a person’s ability to manage or cope with stressful life events in a positive way. Essentially, mental resilience…

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