Hi Boy! Boy Here?

The Alien Blogs

TW: mentions words associated with addiction, sex, abuse

There’s a photo of a little me looking out the window, waving, at a 3 year old boy walking by. My mother wrote that I said, “Hi boy! Boy here?” She will joke about this as the first glimpse into my long career of flirting. I honestly never thought I was a flirt. I usually tried to seduce the hell out of anyone I thought was worthy. It’s ironic since once I acquired them I’d feel unworthy. There’ve been quite a few people of all walks of life that I’ve been with. I prefer the words “been with” compared to “relationship” because I see relationships amongst friends or even onscreen that aren’t what I went through. Relationships are give and take. Cutesy pictures of a couple enjoying their time spent with each other. Respect. Trust. Celebrations of anniversaries that made it past…

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