The time … I was left alone with the kids the entire day …

Ellie the Crunch

So, we are on “vacation”. My husband’s friend let us stay in his apartment but we also rented a house in another town and we are moving later.

Husband has been out since early this morning. It 4.00 pm and I’m his shadow is nowhere to be seen. His last text said “I will be back by 3.30 pm” which means tonight at 8 pm … maybe.

I washed all the sheets, and towels and his friends dirty clothes and made the bed and folded his clothes. I sent him a message letting him know because I know he appreciates it. My husband generally makes fun of me for doing all that stuff.

At least I have a future as a cleaning lady if nothing else works. Which sucks.

Today I went through 4 toddler temper tantrums. He asks for daddy and all I can say is I don’t know…

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