The time … husband put the kids to sleep.

Ellie the Crunch

Husband came home, is Sunday evening.

Kids were happy to see him. Ok.

Husband had put toddler for a nap and I wasn’t in the mood to fight with him (toddler) to sleep as if he naps he goes to sleep by 10 pm so I let husband deal with it and I stayed downstairs.

I was warning some dinner for myself when I hear my husband coming downstairs (oh crap, what does he want), I didn’t look but heard his footsteps stopping behind me.

I heard “what did you want to tell mommy?”

He was holding toddler, he wanted to give me a kiss. I know sounds all cute and all but he is vicious especially when I am eating. Husband leaves him with me reminding him that “mommy has to eat dinner then can come upstairs with you” how sweet and thoughtful, isn’t it? (No).

Anyway, I get…

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