Goodbye Momma…

Call Me Lou.

I left momma begging me to save her.

I am a Christian who believes that I am supposed to be forgiving and understanding in all things. To believe that God has a purpose which I may not understand, but to have the faith to carry me through.

I could talk about understanding the ways of God. In believing that all trials we go through can be endured with Gods love.

My momma taught me these things through her words and deeds. She lived these beliefs through the example she lived in witness for others.

I am going to be selfish as I write this piece. I ask God that he knows my pain and despair. That he forgives me for what I did…. and didn’t do.

Overall, Mom was a very resiliant person. After all those years of raising kids, grandchildren, and church emergencies, not much phased her. She reminded…

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