Are my periods making me “crazy”?

Dancing with Bipolar

Hello fellow hero! How are you doing? I hope your week(s) (since I was last here) have been great! I have been riding a few mixed episodes myself but I’m glad I feel like myself once again.
I’m trying to make these postings regular but I’m yet to come up with a working schedule to facilitate that. No worries though, I promise I am working on it.
Anyways, onto today’s business, let us talk about period blues. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about, don’t yah?

New drug= new PMS épisodes

I normally didn’t have PMS symptoms, but since I started on a new drug, I have noticed that I now tend to be particularly vulnerable to my “crazy swings” during my periods. Curious if I was the only one experiencing this shift, I asked in our WhatsApp group and oh my joy to find out that I was not…

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