Five Things to Remember When Your Eating Disorder Calls

No matter how ‘recovered’ you are from an eating disorder, it may try and call you back.

It could be a scream or it could be a whisper, but chances are it will appear at some point. Here are some things I’d like you (and me!) to remember if and when it beckons.

You weren’t happier when you were thinner.
You weren’t. I promise you you weren’t. I know you might think that things were better, but please remember all the bad things that anorexia blanks from your memory. You were cold, you were exhausted, you were sad. You were always, always anxious. You were never happy because you never satisfied what it wanted, no matter how hard you tried.

Your world will shrink with your body.
Yes, you might take up less space. But your world will also become smaller. Remember all the social events you had to decline…

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