What to Know About Telemedicine for Epilepsy…

Epilepsy Talk

Epilepsy is usually a long-term condition that requires chronic management. You can combine telemedicine with in-person medical care to optimize seizure control and reduce the risk of side effects from your medication. It offers the opportunity to help resolve some of the problems inherent in epilepsy care, in a timely manner.

This includes access to specialty care, decreased reliance on transportation to clinic appointments, and the potential for family involvement.

With telemedicine, programs can be designed to enhance patient involvement.

What’s more, telemedicine can be an important factor in follow-up care, and reducing patient costs!

Basically, as it goes, follow‐up visits consist of a brief overview of past and current seizure and medication profile, along with a focused neurological exam.

Although it cannot fully substitute traditional face-to-face visits, video teleconferencing provides the opportunity for maintaining a patient–doctor relationship in spite of distance or a pandemic such as COVID-19..

It can…

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