Instagram Mental Health Influencers or Oxymorons

The Alien Blogs

I started this blog with the intention that instead of writing a book, which takes more money than it does to pay for a domain, I’d do this instead. It’d be free for anyone to see. To relate to, hopefully, because that was always my intention when I had wanted to write a book. I’ve said how Prozac Nation, The Basketball Diaries, Wasted -all those autobiographical mental health addressing books- were there for me at my loneliest times. Confused about who I was with a laundry list of newly labeled illnesses. I will always hope that this blog will touch at least one person who may feel they’re alone, but then reads this and realizes they aren’t. And that they are not aliens, but human beings who deserve happiness and help with whatever they’re going through.

Someone messaged me on my IG account the other day, asking why I don’t…

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