Incredible Ways Exercise Improves Mental Resilience

Optimal Health

Physical exercise is the epitome of good health. However, work, family, and time management challenges make us lose touch with this health component. The result is a weakened mental or psychological resilience, a factor that takes a toll on individual performance. Generally, poor mental resilience compromises our mental health and renders us incapable of coping with difficult situations whenever they present in our lives.

A person exercising

However, engaging in regular exercise improves our general well-being and quality of life. It is also known to help manage physical ailments and boost mental health. For instance, physical exercise can boost mood and, in the process, alleviate depressive symptoms. More importantly, regular exercise can increase mental resilience, reducing the risk of physical and mental illness.

How Does Physical Exercise Build Mental Resilience?

Mental resilience refers to a person’s ability to manage or cope with stressful life events in a positive way. Essentially, mental resilience…

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Hi Boy! Boy Here?

The Alien Blogs

TW: mentions words associated with addiction, sex, abuse

There’s a photo of a little me looking out the window, waving, at a 3 year old boy walking by. My mother wrote that I said, “Hi boy! Boy here?” She will joke about this as the first glimpse into my long career of flirting. I honestly never thought I was a flirt. I usually tried to seduce the hell out of anyone I thought was worthy. It’s ironic since once I acquired them I’d feel unworthy. There’ve been quite a few people of all walks of life that I’ve been with. I prefer the words “been with” compared to “relationship” because I see relationships amongst friends or even onscreen that aren’t what I went through. Relationships are give and take. Cutesy pictures of a couple enjoying their time spent with each other. Respect. Trust. Celebrations of anniversaries that made it past…

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Is it a headache, an aura, a migraine, a seizure, or perhaps ALL four!

Epilepsy Talk

If you’ve had a migraine with auras that triggered an epileptic seizure, you might have experienced migraine-induced epilepsy.

Another name for this phenomenon is migralepsy.

Scientists have debated the existence and terminology of this phenomenon for some time.

Currently, the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD-3) acknowledges it as “migraine aura-triggered seizure.”

However, epilepsy authorities do not acknowledge the condition.

For the controversy and its explanation, see the article below. It’s a must!

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Upstairs, No Stairs

Praying for Eyebrowz

A couple of good friends are helping me proofread my romance, The Cowboy and the Executive, before I send it to Rachel Carrera for her special magic. Honestly, I thought I’d crossed most of my t’s and dotted all of my i’s, but I should have known better.

Most of the corrections involve missing quotation marks or spaces where no spaces should be, but one of my mistakes, called to my attention by my friend, Flo, made me laugh out loud.

Apparently, on a couple of occasions I’d written that my heroine’s bedroom was on the second floor. Unfortunately, in the previous chapter I’d already described the home she was staying in as a sprawling one-story ranch house.

I suppose if the home was, say inside Hogwarts or located on Diagon Alley, my mistake might be a charmingly magical occurrence, but since it’s just a Muggle dwelling on a ranch…

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The Cowboy (an inspirational poem, wink, wink)

Praying for Eyebrowz

While I don’t yet have a publication date set for my romance novel, The Cowboy and the Executive, I have been daydreaming about my male protagonist, Barton Young, quite a bit. He’s tall, tan, and I’m pretty sure he’d taste good.

My inspiration for Barton came from an encounter with a rodeo cowboy at a honky tonk in Amarillo, Texas, a few decades ago. We had but a single dance, but oh my! What a dance it was.

Here’s my bad poem about a good time.

Barton, is that you?

Peace, and giddy up, people!

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Braving the Storm?

Hey Momma


Happy National Pets Day  

Braving the storm?

Last night was ruff, for our paw baby ‘Gypsy’ who was on ‘high’ alert, after sensing tropical cyclone Seroja. was ‘Heading’ her way. Luckily the storm pawsed by without incident.

The pupparazi took this photo, it was the leashed they could do…

Dog Senses…/

Tropical Cyclone Seroja…/tropical-cyclone…/100060654

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The time … I was left alone with the kids the entire day …

Ellie the Crunch

So, we are on “vacation”. My husband’s friend let us stay in his apartment but we also rented a house in another town and we are moving later.

Husband has been out since early this morning. It 4.00 pm and I’m his shadow is nowhere to be seen. His last text said “I will be back by 3.30 pm” which means tonight at 8 pm … maybe.

I washed all the sheets, and towels and his friends dirty clothes and made the bed and folded his clothes. I sent him a message letting him know because I know he appreciates it. My husband generally makes fun of me for doing all that stuff.

At least I have a future as a cleaning lady if nothing else works. Which sucks.

Today I went through 4 toddler temper tantrums. He asks for daddy and all I can say is I don’t know…

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The time … husband put the kids to sleep.

Ellie the Crunch

Husband came home, is Sunday evening.

Kids were happy to see him. Ok.

Husband had put toddler for a nap and I wasn’t in the mood to fight with him (toddler) to sleep as if he naps he goes to sleep by 10 pm so I let husband deal with it and I stayed downstairs.

I was warning some dinner for myself when I hear my husband coming downstairs (oh crap, what does he want), I didn’t look but heard his footsteps stopping behind me.

I heard “what did you want to tell mommy?”

He was holding toddler, he wanted to give me a kiss. I know sounds all cute and all but he is vicious especially when I am eating. Husband leaves him with me reminding him that “mommy has to eat dinner then can come upstairs with you” how sweet and thoughtful, isn’t it? (No).

Anyway, I get…

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Praying for Eyebrowz

The threat of impending thunderstorms has resulted in the cancellation of many of the scheduled Word of South events; therefore, I shall not be hawking my book to festival attendees this weekend. Instead, I shall parade around Doright Manor speaking formally to the resident feline and to the gentleman with whom I sleep.

Thankfully, today’s virtual book club meeting should proceed as planned, unless lightning intervenes. What is the old Yiddish proverb? “We plan; God laughs.” Alas, ‘tis true.

Carry on, fellow travelers. Weep not for me, for the heavy skies have taken on that task in your stead.

May you have peace, good people.

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