Specialist epilepsy nurses

Disablities & Mental Health Issues

Specialist epilepsy nurses are trained nurses with extra qualifications in neurology, care ofa patientwith epilepsy and nurse prescribing.

We provide information and advice regarding epilepsy and its management. We can advise patients,their family or carers, other health professionals or other services such as employers about how to manage individual epilepsy needs. We also provide a point of contact between the Wessex Neurological Centre andGPs and other health professionals.

We hold five outpatient clinics a week to review patients after a first seizure, adolescents,vagal nerve stimulationand those with epilepsy that is difficult to control. We offer pre-conception counselling and support clinics.Patients can also access us viaphone or email.

How the specialist epilepsy nurses can help

Some of the issues we provide information or help with most often are

  • understanding and coping with the diagnosis of epilepsy
  • medication management and side effects
  • safety and first aid
  • issues for…

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