The Relationship Between Depression & Disrespect I

Starlight Magnolia Stories

I’ve been in this involuntary tranz ( I understand this is not the proper spelling for this word; however, I think it looks cool. I’m going to use it. May we continue?) lately.

Two weeks ago, I restarted professional therapy. Whew!! One 45 minute session accomplished so much. The con to attending therapy, is the drawn out session in my head, once I’ve left that professional setting. Questions, scenarios, playbacks, quotes verbatim murmured in my mind.

Some of them felt wonderful. I knew this self evaluation was going to be a huge part in my healing. I knew this therapist made a spot specifically for me, in her schedule. Our conversation flowed with a nice easy respect between therapist and client. She actually was familiar with the concept of Highly Sensitive. It was great.

When I left, that’s when the real stuff started. All the history that I told…

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