Monday Memories: Knock at the Door

Big Sky Buckeye

black home area rugPhoto by Kelly Lacy on

Here’s a true story from my past memories. I have never forgotten this one after all of these years. Hmm . . . who is knocking at the front door?

The boys had just returned home from a busy day at their elementary school. Their walk home never took too long since they lived right across the street from Central Heights Elementary School.

Being a snowy, winter day, everyone wore their black, buckled snow boots (or overshoes). The boys’ mother always carefully labeled the inside of their boots with each boy’s name on a piece of white tape.

Nearly everyone at school wore very similar boots. The boots slipped easily over their shoes in keeping them clean and dry.

A soft knock could be heard at the front door. The boys’ mother looked out and could see a little girl waiting impatiently outside. She…

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