Dear little crying one

Therapy Bits

Dear little crying one
Alone and afraid in the dark
Hold on to your spark.
It feels like a long time
It won’t last forever.
Sing to yourself inside your head
Where they can’t take it away.
One day you will be free.
What they do to you is wrong
Nothing is your fault.
They are bad and they lie to you.
You are good and innocent.
You are not to blame.
Don’t own their shame.
Dream your dreams
Keep them secret.
They don’t know everything.
They are not gods they are just people.
Hold on little frightened one
Don’t give them all of you.
Hide away and keep you safe.
Someday you will tell but not today.
Today you have to hide away.
You won’t have to hide forever.
Some day you will be free.
You are not “just sensitive”.
They are mean and they are cruel to you.

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