The time … we were talking about death

Ellie the Crunch

So I always asked husband to get life insurance and he always refused. A superstitious thing? I don’t know but he never got life insurance. So the other day, for the 168th time I brought the subject up

“What would happen to the kids if anything happened to you?”

He started telling me that his business partners know where his money.

Then went ahead asking what if something happened to me instead??

“Me?” I said “I don’t bring any money”.

“Who will buy clothes for the kids”

“Who will fight for our son’s IEP?”

“Who will prepare them healthy food?”

And went on and on and on. Every few minutes he would come up with a new reason why I would be missed and why I am needed. It was half a joke, half real.

Everything he said was actually right.

Maybe I am worth something after all.

But I…

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