Colonoscopy nightmare

My Colonoscopy check up started on Monday 27/3/23 in the afternoon with the preparation process in two parts 4pm and 8pm as I was originally told but the second part of the preparation didn’t come until 9pm. As the preparation involves a strong laxative I was up until 2.50am.

On 28/3/23 I had a Colonoscopy check up which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. I went to theatre around midday, prior to that the consultant came and introduced to me and said ‘HE’ would be carrying out the procedure. When I got to theatre there was another doctor their and it turned out that he was doing the procedure with the guidance of the consultant. Why wasn’t I told about the other doctor before going to theatre?

I have no complaints about my anaesthetist as she was very reassuring while I was on gas & air and doing her best to keep me at ease.

The colonoscopy was actually quite rough. Rough to a point I had to ask the anaesthetist to ask them to stop for a minute or so as the pain was uncontrollable.

I got the feeling that the amount of rough poking & prodding they were doing in my colon they weren’t giving the gas & air time to do it’s proper job. I am planning on complaining to the hospital via my GP practice.

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