Trivia’s Facts and More (3/18)

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This informative post will be posted on Saturday along with my usual writing.  You are invited to participate with the opening question.

Brain Teaser Question

Unscramble each group of letters to form words having to do with film making.


(answer found at the end of this post)

Featured Facts

Andrew Jackson (nicknamed “Old Hickory”) served the United States as its 7th President.  His two terms in office ran from 1829-1837.

Here are some interesting facts about Andrew Jackson:

  • Born:  March 15, 1767 in South Carolina
  • Died:  June 8, 1845 in Tennessee
  • Founder of the Democratic Party
  • Occupations of lawyer and soldier

Jackson was a war hero during the War of 1812.  His leadership insured American victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.  He was elected as Tennessee’s first U.S. Representative in 1796.

Located about 10 miles outside…

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