The time … I still had a bipolar husband

Ellie the Crunch

So last year at this time husband was on the peak of his high. He was so high that had planned to buy about 100 houses in Florida and turn them into AirBnBs.

He was going to Florida every week or so, and almost every Friday his flight would be canceled or delayed causing our ASD son a lot of stress and distress.

He was renting expensive cars, this below was one of them

I am not involved in the finances of the household but I honestly thought that he was renting such a crazy expensive car he could afford it as he usually doesn’t do crazy stuff like this.

Then Passover came and he rented us not 1 but 2 houses in Florida, in one of the most depressing areas with a very small Jewish community. And invited his friend to stay there with the family for FREE.


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