Do You Feel It Too?

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

There’s something brewing in the spiritual realm. I don’t know what; but, it’s blankly evident this morning.

Less than a half hour ago, a bus pulls up to pick up my kids. It wasn’t their usual bus number. 🤔🤔

Literally, moments before that, there was a man shouting at a bus driver. After the kids got on, this man came over to the opened door. Seriously, my heart sank. I thought I was gonna have to jump out of the car and go kick some ass, because this guy was trying to hurt the kids.

I think he was just trying to get this driver to take his kids to school; though, he didn’t go through the proper channels to do it correctly. I can empathize; because, sometimes the proper channels take trice as long to complete. Parents don’t have that kind of time.

Once I finally made it home…

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