March 13th Morning Affirmations

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

1. I am grateful for the experiences that shaped me to become the person I am today.

2. I CHOOSE to fill my day with gratitude, compassion, and kindness.

3. I am WORTHY of living the life of my dreams.

4. I courageously step into the unknown. My fears do not decide my fate.

5. I CHOOSE to create a live that feeds my spirit and nourishes my soul.

6. Today, I choose faith over doubt and courage over fear.

7. My heart is awakened to a world filled with infinite possibilities.

8. I breathe love into my worries and fears.

9. I am true to myself always.

10. I’ll NEVER settle for less than I deserve.

11. My mind, body, and soul, are my top priorities.

12. My energy is SACRED; and, I CHOOSE to focus on the things that light up my soul.

13. I move forward with…

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