The time … I was jealous

Ellie the Crunch

Jealousy is a problem. I don’t like to be jealous, I don’t want to be jealous but I am.

I am working on it, this evening I did some EFT tapping trying to release some of my jealousy, did it work? Not sure. Maybe I did it the wrong way.

Anyway, what am I being jealous about?

Remember in my previous post I mentioned seeing my old “best friend/ something more” at a party?

I got curious about him and made the mistake to Google him. Apparently he is now a CEO of a company and recently moved from a small beaten up house to a big one that he bought, with a tennis court in a prestigious area.

Me in the meantime? We don’t even own a house, we are renting and what we are renting is not even that prestigious. Just a simple overpriced rental house.

We are…

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