7 Signs that Someone is Gaslighting You

Don't Lose Hope

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation where the abuser deliberately tries to sow seeds of self-doubt and confusion in a victim’s mind. Caslighters are motivated by a desire to exert control over another person. They do this by distorting reality, and by forcing their victim to doubt their intuition, and to question their own judgment.

The following indicate that you’re a victim of gaslighting:

1. You’re constantly second-guessing yourself, and your understanding of reality. You’re always being told “you got the wrong end of the stick”, so you often feel disoriented and confused.

2. You feel minimized by a person in your life. You get the message that your thoughts and feelings don’t count. Other people’s do … but yours don’t.

3. You feel lost or smothered in the relationship. You feel you can’t have your own unique identity, your own perspectives, opinions, understandings and beliefs. You’re even told…

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