Tuck This Inside Your Heart

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

A very special message to the precious, innocent, and beautiful child inside all of us… {Especially for those who will feel this, so much bigger, because they CAN relate… }

“ I love you, no matter what. You are lovable no matter what. You are lovable even when you lose!!”

-Mya Station 19
{Season 6, Episode 8}

As children, we build images of ourselves based on the give and take of the adults in our lives. Sometimes, the adults are inconsistent with their presence. Sometimes, they’re inconsistent with their approval. Sometimes, they project unintentional brokenness that they’ve yet to heal.

This episode of Station 19, Mya learns she has to face that sweet child. She works with a therapist to address the root of her problem… She had to change something, because this road had made her lose so much.

What was the exercise? She was asked to sit with…

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