WOTD: Kudzu

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

She woke from a deep sleep, covered in this gorgeous blanket of vines. There were so many, she couldn’t possibly begin to dictate where one started and another ended. They twirled around one another, like the red and white strands of a candy cane.

“ How beautiful!” She muttered to herself, as she gently brushed her hand along the nearby vine.

The buds were semi-heart shaped, variety shades of purple. Inside the center, she could see a bright shade of yellow.

“How sweet!” she added, enjoying the fragrance of her surroundings. “It smells grape-like!” she continued.

Little did Zynïa know, this Kudzu is a disaster unknown to the existence of that around it.

Above: Kudzu in flower on Maui. Photograph by Forest and Kim Starr via Wikimedia. Photo Source

Written for Word of the Day

Nova Namastè

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