This is What I Want you to Know …

Don't Lose Hope

This is what I want you to know …

1. You deserve to be loved and prized in the same way as the most loved and prized person in this world, is loved and prized. This is 100% true.

2. It is a lie that you are inferior and inadequate, or deserve to be mistreated, or to be treated as less than someone else, or hurt in any way.

3. From Day 1, you should have been showered with love and affection. You should have been seen.

4. You should have grown up feeling that you brought joy and happiness into the world, and into the lives of those around you.

5. You should have been given the message that you were talented and beautiful. That people liked you, and wanted you. You should have felt people wanted to be with you.

6. You should have been protected…

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