March Musings

Hey Momma

‘As you read each line and spell

learn each lesson very well…

Words and deeds may play a part

but true magick lies within your heart’  ~ (Unknown)


In Numerology March equals ‘THREE’

Meaning: Creative. Fun Loving. Self expression. Growth. Imaginative. Optimistic.


Creativity is the order of the day. It may seem that your brain is overflowing, with all new ideas and possibilities. You have your own special talent or ability and this month you will be called to find this and extend it. It is up to you to find the things that you are good at, or at least find what makes you happy or develop an attitude of ‘I couldn’t care less’ what others think.


Be Here. Now!

Your task this month, is to focus on the moment and not scatter your energies. You don’t have anything to prove. You have your own…

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