Let’s Have Coffee?

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

How are you, friend? How are you really doing? Are you struggling with something that you’d like to talk about? What’s been your recent difficult challenges?

I hope you have not decided to keep all of your thoughts inside. Your precious mind and soul aren’t meant to carry heavy loads. They sure are capable; but, I don’t believe that’s their purpose.

Have you journaled through the process? Maybe about some CBT self-care? You’re not familiar with it? Ok, maybe I can explain so you understand. CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It really focus on the immediate situation. It instructs you to focus on the individual steps so you can work through it. I’m going to gather some material and post it here, for you.

Have you been able to get outside and walk a nearby park? Nature is the best place of therapy, in my opinion.

Ok, I just…

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