The time … we went to 2 parties in 1 day … with 2 kids!

Ellie the Crunch

Parties, we haven’t been invited to a party in a long time. Last time we got invited to a 40 years old birthday party Saturday night we didn’t end up going because husband and I had a fight because of older.

Today we had 2 parties!

Having a child on the spectrum you need to let him know in advance. My son (10) has a good memory but husband and I have been telling him about these 2 parties for a few days already so he would be mentally prepared, and he was!!

What we didn’t calculate was our angry almost 5 years old.

Our first party was at 9.30 am (!!), younger son (almost 5) was still asleep by 9 am (went to sleep late the previous night), I suggested to wake him but husband said he would be cranky, oh well, guess what, he was cranky anyway.


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