On Living with Secrets

Don't Lose Hope

1. Is it secrecy or privacy? There are plenty of things we never talk about – and that’s normal and OK. So how do you tell the difference between the two?

If you were asked a question by someone very close to you, and you would answer their question, then that is privacy.

If you would hide the answer, and your intention is never to divulge that information, then that is secrecy.

2. Keeping secrets is hard; keeping secrets can make you ill. When we have secrets we feel we are being inauthentic. Not our true selves. Even fraudulent. It is lonely and isolating. Plus, it usually takes a toll on our physical health. It can significantly boost stress hormones, play havoc with our immune system, elevate our blood pressure, cause sleep disturbances, cause gastro-intestinal problems, contribute to addictions, and even increase chronic pain.

And the bigger…

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