The time … I love thinking about my younger days

Ellie the Crunch

Last week I went to synagogue. I never go to synagogue so for me was an occasion.

I dressed up, put make up, looked pretty good if I can say.

I didn’t recognize anybody, I only knew barely a handful of people … some people I knew aged pretty badly and I barely recognized them.

And this took me back to my youth days.

While I writing this husband is losing is s*it with older son who can’t unglue himself from his laptop, note, it’s 9.33 pm and he is only 10 years old. There is not much you can do with a child on the spectrum, losing your s*it won’t improve the situation, punishing doesn’t help and rewards rarely work.

Anyway, back to my youth story before I hear my 10 years old start crying … and have to go rescue him (unfortunately I can’t interfere when husband is…

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