D-Verse poetics on love…

Therapy Bits

My heart is filled

With so much love for you

My precious boy

My furbaby

I have an ache in my heart

When I think of you now

But also each time

I think of you

My love grows ever stronger

Like a bubbling stream

My love bubbles to the surface

And I emanate joy

Whenever I say your name

Remember your licks and wags

Your bouncy nature

Your boundless energy

When I think of you now

All I feel is pure love

No one can take that love away

You may have gone over the rainbow bridge

But your spirit lives on

In me, In our house

And your bark echoes in the distance

Love you forever

Sweet Nitro!

Poetics – This Valentine’s Day, come and state it plainly | dVerse (dversepoets.com)

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