Your Body’s Capable!

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Lately, I’ve been studying the parts of the body. There was nowhere in my history of schooling that I ever found this fascinating. Now I’m older, I have time, and I can appreciate information.

Last week, I revisited the coolest part of our body, in my opinion: the vagus nerve!!If you’venever read anything about it, I encourage you to do so.

Additionally, as I’ve gotten older, and have faced certain situations, I’ve found myself studying more “natural” options… especially nutritional value in foods. Everything we need is within a well rounded diet.

It’s fabulous, if you ask me! I’m going to try and make some healthier changes in my diet.

Here’s some information on the Vagus Nerve.

This link below defines multiple vitamins and foods of which we consume it!

Vitamins are essential to a healthy life, so let’s break down the…

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