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Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Do you need a break? From what?


Life??? Is that an acceptable answer without sounding like a negative Nancy?

Need to do some wining? Need to throw up your feelings? Need to unload your baggage? Need to put down the weight? Clean off your plate?

Trust me, I get it. These past 2 weeks have been hell for me. Mostly, it’s been one ignorant asshole after another expecting me to sit and wait for their convenient time {although yes, we had a plan in place} for them to show up. Ugh, they expect me to sit here and make their schedule most important in my life.

Yesterday, something weird happened with a friend. Although, I knew he wouldn’t do this intentionally, it was nerve ranking as it played out. I couldn’t reach him after receiving a strange message on Whatsapp.

Today, something else unusual happened. I wasn’t prepared. Sadly…

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