Struggling to Find Motivation (Again)

All You Need is Jesus

*** This is an updated post that I wrote in 2018…***

Image result for writer's block when your imaginaryI’ve been struggling with my writing again. (Man I struggle with this a lot!) I know the writing is IN me but I can’t get it OUT. All of you fellow writers can probably agree you’ve been in this situation before.

The dreaded writer’s block has struck again. Well, that and my ADHD. I have had the worst time concentrating lately. I start to write…I get a couple of sentences out and my brain decides “nope, let’s go do something else.” (I think I may need to talk to my doc about upping my dosage, to be honest.)

And it’s frustrating because I want so badly to write, to get my words out there, whether on screen or on paper.

Maybe my motives are all wrong. Am I writing for the right reasons? Am I writing for God? Because…

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