I’m Reminded of a Few Things

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

February is, indeed, Black History Month. It’s a somber month for me; because, there’s so much I’ve yet to learn.

I watched a powerful video on TikTok this morning. It reminded me the joy that comes in the faithfulness of God’s will for my life. Never will life be perfect. Never will life have zero stress and storms. It’s the wisdom in the uncertainty that builds Faith!

This is eve of Groundhog’s Day! Will our chubby, fluffy, furry friend see his shadow tomorrow? Time will tell.

“ Since 1887, Groundhog Day festivities have been held at Gobbler’s Knob” – Source in hyperlink attached to image. Punxsutawney is actually in Pennsylvania!

Patience really is a virtue. Growing up, I always heard, “Haste makes waste!” What does that mean? When my daughter is beginning a task, less than 3 minutes later, she’s fussing. She’s distraught, acting in frustration that never gets…

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