What Do You See #171

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

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He was a proud man, a leader in every sense of the word. He wore the burdens of every generation before him; praying for the day when the load would lift, even alittle.

As nights became days, and the sun’s unmerciful rays called him back to the field.. He prayed, that the load would lift, even a little. Every torn that pricked his skin, every blister that formed upon his arms, the labor was far too much, for even a proud man.

The sun moved past twelve, the sun dial said so. He prayed his burden would lift, even alittle. The Good Lord was his saving Grace.. This his momma taught him… “You just gotta keep on doing what the Master’s say!” She would mind him. His momma had so much wisdom.

Then, one day, the most unusual thing happened. He was instructed to grab…

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