Mom, can’t you hear me?

Therapy Bits

This was written by one of our alters, Jessa, back in 2005, she is 12, and this poem is about her relationship with our mom back then.

I have no scars because you refuse to see

I know what you think, when you look at me

delusional, deranged, damaged

I am stubborn

that’s what you say to anyone who will listen

to those who don’t walk away

denial, demeaning, dismissing

I can’t be dealt with

you throw your arms in the air

acting the victim of my pain, when really you don’t care

disgraceful, dishonest, disheartening

I am rejected, you claim I push you away

I only wanted you to listen, I’ve only asked you to stay

deadening, destructing, detonating

I am not worthy of being heard by my own mother

why would I think I could be heard by any other

deafening, demolishing, devastating

I am left in the…

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