That Quick

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

She started her morning in a fog. To distract herself from instantaneously crumbling her potential of a good day, she turned on iCkeDMel on YouTube. He’s a creditable, professional, yet intriguing man, with a channel that provides unbiased and factual news. Reports of today’s world always remind her, she’s not a filthy piece of trash. News reminds her the troubles she has are minut in comparison to others in this same world.

Slept well, she made her way to the coffee pot. This new one is a duo maker! There’s wonderful cons to using this grand invention. While waiting for the first cup, she headed to the restroom, and got her kids up.

Some time later, it was time for school. Kids scattered around, collecting socks {any random two, as they always do}, shoes, coats, and backpacks. She’s always thankful for the mornings (afternoons, evenings, nights… Whenever!) when there’s little…

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