In the Bleak Midwinter

Don't Lose Hope

Winter in Canada is absolutely brutal. And it is dangerous to let appearances deceive you. Step on fragile ice and you’ll be dead in a few minutes. The icy calm will quickly chill the life out of you.

And though I love the scenes, I pay attention to the warnings. I check for risk of avalanche, and don’t ski out-of-bounds. For nature has a power that is truly awe-inspiring. But she is temperamental, and can quickly turn on you.

When we’re living with betrayal we are in the depths of winter. We may put on an act so others think that we’re OK. But underneath the surface there are powerful scary forces that suddenly rise up, and can wreak havoc everywhere.

if you are in the winter, then you need to heed the warnings. You may need to pull back, and focus solely on selfcare. It’s crucial you’re supported, and…

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