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Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

This little guy sits in my truck’s dashboard light enclosure. I got him from a late Spring/early Summer visit to a local food pantry. It was a church location; and, I was extremely grateful. We picked up a few things that I didn’t realize I needed.

I sit here, sometimes, and think about the journey I’ve been on. I think about mental states I’ve been in; and, how different I am now. I think about how fear had kept me hostage for far too long. It kept me from seeing things, visiting people, trying new hobbies, furthering my education, striving towards a typical career.

Then, I think what I’ve done instead of allowing fear, depression, vertigo, anxiety, hurt, lies, betrayal, and anger suffocate me. I think about this place. A world of words, nothing short of magic, mysterious, fascinating, enchanting, educational, informative, expressive, inspiring, beautiful, and so much more. Some…

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