“Real” Winter Arrives

Big Sky Buckeye

December, 2022 will be one to remember for most of the United States. A poet’s reflections fill these verses while looking out a kitchen window. Always glad to be inside and staying warm when the wind chill plunges to -30 degrees.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

Weather predictions hold true

More winter, never seems through

Cold, Arctic air sets up camp

Long-forgotten, frigid scamp

“Real” winter arrives in strength

Transmitting on all wavelengths

Morning light arrives, dark gray

Sunshine hiding this Friday

Landscape shivers under white

Every creature taking flight

Freezing wind never lets up

Wintertime’s polar holdup

Wind gust rocks home’s foundation

Turning on weather station

Snowy drifts growing deeper

Frosty, trusty doorkeeper

Barren trees bend against squall

No longer standing so tall

Life scatters, seeking shelter

Winter storm’s helter-skelter

Visibility nearly gone

Snow heavier than chiffon

Quiet roads, traffic withdrawn

No orders from Amazon

Keeping each home’s…

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