Buckeye Snapshots (Issue #7)

Big Sky Buckeye

Opened in 1927, the LeVeque Tower was the tallest skyscraper between New York City and Chicago. Located in Columbus, Ohio, this impressive Art Deco building still highlights the skyline of the city.

At a height of 555 feet (intentionally designed to be five inches taller than the Washington Monument), the tower contains 47 stories. At the time of its completion, it was the fifth tallest building in the United States. Built upon a series of underground caissons, the foundation of the building is secured in the bedrock far below the city streets.

The LeVeque Tower has been called many names over the years. Its original name was the American Insurance Union Citadel. However, during the Great Depression years, the company went bankrupt. In the 1930s, the tower was nicknamed the “IOU Tower” because of the financial challenges it faced.

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