Grieving it All

Don't Lose Hope

We think of grief as being something related today: ‘I miss this person’s presence.’ But we’re also grieving the future. We had a whole future with this person that now has to be rewritten.” – Lori Gottlieb

The same is true for betrayal trauma.

We are grieving for what could, and should, have been. For everything that’s been snatched away from us. For the life we had thought we were going to have.

And we also grieve for a past which was a lie. For the life which we’ve learned was a total fantasy. For the good solid things that we’ve learned were a façade – because our partner hid the truth from us, and so we were deceived. For all the family memories. Believing we were special. That we were ‘the only one.’

There is so much sorrow. So much heartache. So much grief. And we have…

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